Situation vacant: Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO)

Dawn has made a huge difference in this role

Dawn will be stepping down from this post at the next Annual General Meeting of Parishioners. This is a very important role in our church life and we’d love to hear from anyone interested. It also requires completing a DBS check and Safeguarding Training. See below for more information or contact Dawn.

Job description

  • To work closely with the incumbent to advise within United Parish on all safeguarding matters in relation to children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • To receive any concerns from within the United Parishes and to make sure that correct advice is given and correct procedures are adhered to. To report all matters of allegations as required to the diocesan safeguarding team
  • To ensure that all ex offenders with offences against children or vulnerable adults known in the Church community are known to the diocesan safeguarding team
  • To promote safer practices in all activities within our Churches and to make any recommendations as required
  • To ensure that Safer Recruitment Practice is followed
  • To complete Parish Safeguarding assessments as required along with ensuring correct Risk Assessments are completed for all groups and activities
  • To maintain safeguarding records on all DBS Certificates and advise on Safeguarding Modules
  • To maintain and update Parish Safeguarding Dashboard
  • To report at DCC and UPCC level on safeguarding in the Parish at each meeting
  • To attend all Parish Safeguarding Diocesan meetings

Person specification

  • To be discreet and to maintain confidentiality
  • To keep good record keeping
  • To be trustworthy and to treat all with dignity and respect
  • To be reliable and available
  • To be able to communicate with the Leadership team
  • To be IT proficient as all DBS administration is online
  • To have good organisational skills
  • To support the ministry of our Church and to uphold our vision and values

Safeguarding requirements for this role:

  • To complete a Confidential Declaration Form
  • To complete Basic & Foundation Training
  • To complete Leadership Training
  • To complete Safe Recruitment Training
  • To obtain a DBS Certificate
  • To complete Domestic Awareness Training
  • To complete a ‘fit & proper’ declaration