About St Mary’s

Who We Are

We’re a family-friendly Church of England church in a small, pretty village. Our services have a typical congregation of about 60-80, our thriving homegroups have around 100 members.

Most of our members are from Speldhurst or nearby. We’re maybe 30% young families, 40% retired people, and 30% in between. 

There are groups for all the different ages but it’s the cross-generational friendship that is the wonderful thing.

Our Priorities

We have a beautiful old church building but we believe church goes way beyond our walls.

We are a Christian community for whom relationships are the most important thing in our lives: our relationships with God, with one another and with the wider world.

We meet in both small and large gatherings throughout the week and have found that becoming apprentices of Jesus changes everything.

We are inspired by His example of how love can transform everyone’s life and we believe it’s our relationships that matter.

We try to share the love, hope and life of Jesus with all our neighbours.

How We Worship

Our main weekly 10am services follow a contemporary Church of England pattern and we try to make them as accessible as possible.

We’re blessed with a wonderful music group, who lead us in songs and hymns accompanied by keyboard, guitar and organ.

If you can’t get to church, we’re also continuing our popular YouTube services on alternate Sundays. These have a mix of songs, hymns, liturgy, teaching, and testimonies, lasting 30-40 minutes, and you can watch them at any time.

Our homegroups are a big part of how we worship, too.

On some Sundays, you’ll also find a traditional ‘Book Of Common Prayer’ service at St Mary’s, usually at 8am or 6pm – see What’s On.

church choir
We're not usually this formal! Our Christmas community choir
Stained glass window

Our Building and History

Did you know that when our church burned down in 1791, the heat was so intense that the six bells melted and the molten metal ran down the hill?

Make a cup of tea, read about the extraordinary history of our church, and take a tour of our building, our bells, our William Morris stained glass windows and more.

"I like the warm welcome I am always given at the door, both inside and out."
Carrie S