St Marys Org Chart Feb 2023

United Parochial Church Council

St Mary’s is one of three churches that make up our Parish.  The governing body of our Parish is the United Parochial Church Council or (U)PCC.  It is made up of:

  • The Incumbent 
  • The Churchwardens
  • The elected representatives to the Deanery Synod (which is the council of the group of Anglican churches in this area)
  • Directly elected (U)PCC members

The (U)PCC meets a number of times per year and oversees all aspects of the church’s life.

Anyone on the church electoral roll is entitled to see the minutes of (U)PCC meetings.  If you would like to receive them, either one-off or regularly, please email the PCC Secretary – Carolyn Firth

District Church Council (DCC)

St Mary’s DCC will be inspired to further the overall mission of the church by playing a governing or oversight role of all the church activities. It is made up of Wardens, Elected and Co-opted members and Synod representative. It will oversee through supporting, facilitating, reviewing and challenging the Team of Leaders who feel called to, and are passionate about, particular activities and who work with others to ensure the contribution from all church members is valued.

It has the functions, powers and duties of a PCC, subject to certain exceptions and limitations, in particular concerning financial and contractual matters.

The DCC will work closely with the (United) Parish Safeguarding Officer, who is co-opted to the DCC, to ensure all safeguarding matters are properly managed.

The current DCC comprises:

  • Douglas Wren (Rector)
  • Adrian Dawes (Vice Chair)
  • Helen Coffin (Warden)
  • Becky Leeves (Warden)
  • Tony Joyce (Deputy Warden)
  • Glyn Williams (Deputy Warden)
  • Dawn Pottow (Safeguarding)
  • Martin Atkinson (Finance Officer and Deanery Synod)
  • Carolyn Firth
  • Ian Firth
  • John Fitzsimmons
  • Heather Hughes
  • Stephanie Virgo
  • Tom Ireson (Secretary)

Team of leaders

Each function in a green box on the diagram above will have a leader, who works with others who have a heart for those activities to generate a vision, and who work together as a team of leaders to ensure co-ordination and communication across the church. Each team leader will facilitate the life within their area of ministry with a high level of freedom to act (subject to appropriate financial controls) but being accountable, and regularly reporting, to the DCC.