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Join us for a photo walk around St Mary’s, Speldhurst

The lychgate

St Mary’s sits right at the centre junction of the village. The welcoming roofed gateway is called a lychgate. Originally these were used at burials for sheltering the coffin until the clergyman arrived; now they’re a welcome place for a pause, and popular with bridal parties who sometimes decorate the arch with flowers.

Up the path

Here’s the view from under the lychgate in February. The pollarded trees need a trim and they’ll make a wonderful canopy when they come into leaf in spring. If you look closely, you can see snowdrops and crocuses flowering in the grass.

The church tower

You can see the church tower from as far away as XXXX and YYYY, and hear the bells from ZZZ if the wind is in the right direction. We have <>eight bells and an active bellringing group<>. The 1904 clock is still bright after the clock face was restored in xxxx.

The war memorial

XXXX men and women from the parish gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars. In November each year, more than too specific! XXXX people of all generations come to remember them in Remembrance Day service in November. You can read all about the people listed on the memorial on our <>Roll of Honour page<>.

St Mary's south side

This version of St Mary’s was built in 1871 in the style of the original medieval church that had been on the site until the 14th century. (Read more on our <>splendid history page<>.)The building is XXX metres long and the change in roof height you can see at the right-hand (eastern) end is where the nave meets the chancel